JonFawkes: Video Editor

Practised in a large variety of skills dealing with the production of video. Also familiar with YouTube backend and publishing. Currently a content producer for Maker Studio. Many of these projects are produced from conception to publishing by Jon. From simple video editing for a formulaic series or a more sophisticated editing for bigger projects.

Current projects

Minecraft Umbra Awakening

An experimental kind of Lets Play being called a "narrative Lets Play" where the spontaneous play creates a story. Three adventurers are transported to a new world where they must face the challenge of survival and find their way home. A modded Minecraft survival series with narrative animations.

Episode animation, videoa and sound editing, some voices, commentary, and publishing is handled by Jon. Series playlist here (YouTube)

Lovers Quarrel Lets Play

A two player Lets Play series across many games, the main dynamic being the relationship of these lovers, Jon and Jasmine.

Intro art, commentary, editing, and publishing by Jon. All series can be viewed on the JonFawkes YouTube channel here.

I am in the Shadows

Our story starts out with our unexpected heroine, Alicia, the ghost girl of the quiet town of Lancaster. It started off like any other day, with her just being there, living her life. Getting ignored by everyone in the town, even by most of her family. Only to really get noticed when they want her to do something that no one else wants to do. But tonight was different.

What kind of quest is it that a girl like Alicia could do to save all of mankind? Why would and evil king such as Xaiver would want to stick around with her on this epic quest? How dose the captain of the royal knights fit into this? Well for that you’ll have to sat tuned and find out.

Jon provides additional art and animation for this production. More information about the project here.